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August 30, 2016
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August 30, 2016
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Assetory Reconstruction

Assetory reconstuction:
The comparative method is a technique for

studying the development of languages by performing a feature-by-feature comparison

of two or more languages with common descent from a shared ancestor, as opposed to

the method of internal reconstruction, which analyses the internal development of a

single language over time. Ordinarily both methods are used together to reconstruct

prehistoric phases of languages, to fill in gaps in the historical record of a

language, to discover the development of phonological, morphological, and other

linguistic systems, and to confirm or refute hypothesized relationships between

The comparative method was developed over the 19th century. Key contributions were

made by the Danish scholars Rasmus Rask and Karl Verner and the German scholar Jacob

Grimm. The first linguist to offer reconstructed forms from a proto-language was

August Schleicher, in his Compendium der vergleichenden Grammatik der

indogermanischen Sprachen, originally published in 1861.
Reconstruction Era of the United States, the period after the Civil War,

1865–1877, especially regarding the defeated South

  • Ministry of Reconstruction, a UK government department
  • Critical reconstruction, a theory regarding the reconstruction of Berlin after

    the Berlin Wall.

  • Reconstruction Finance Corporation, a United States government agency from 1932–


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  • Reconstruction Acts
  • A literal translation of the Soviet/Russian term perestroika